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you you're going to love the elbow of the day. and by the way, get this at tweet us@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@s@ (vo)answer: pour disaronno into a flute glass and top with prosecco. brought to you by disaronno. be originale. home of the brave. ♪ ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants. ♪ ♪ guts. glory. ram. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: recently mitt romney was speaking to union vision and then president obama had his turn ought the university of miami. he said this line the republicans believe has gotten him in trouble. >> the most important lesson i learned is you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> cenk: oh no well, mitt romney jumps in it. he's at a rally and he goes ballistic on this. >> romney: the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from the inside. he can only change it from the outside. we'll give him that chance in november. he's going outside. >> cenk: it'
. you take a whole line of people from chris cox of the fcc to clarence thomas of the u.s. supreme court and ronald reagan. >> ron paul, rand paul, who they say is not named after ryan rand. they just picked rand out of a hat. likely. what is the actual connection between alan greenspan and ayn rand. >> he was a member of her collective, the small group of people who coalesced around her in the 1950s. he was a high member of her others. he was number three in her rank of accolades. she was one of the chief apostles. he was like the apostle paul of the ayn rand movement. number two and number three up through the 1960s. >> cenk: that's amazing. >> he wrote essays for her books, and her newsletter. >> cenk: i didn't know that. and for those who don't know, alan greenspan was head of the federal reserve board. during the economic collapse, and all leading up to it, he said we don't need to regulate. we don't need to regulate the market. and it turns out he was wrong. after the collapse he said, i was wrong. it turns out we need to regulate the market. who said not to regulate the market, ay
at least according to the u.s.--deputy u.n. ambassador for the libyans now coming out and saying that up to ten libyan security personnel were killed or wounded in the attack on wednesday. if that is true. you add ten libyan people killed or wounded trying to defend our ambassador. that would make it a very different story. you would go from being angry at the libyans to going these guys laid down their lives for us. ambassador chris stevens was a man who supported the revolution, he was instrumental in it, and had great friends in the libyan government, among the libyan rebels, etc. now we just got news that the two u.s. warships have been moved near libya. all of this as a way of showing we're not messing around, and the libyan government is on our side and not messing around here. president obama had more on this. >> since our founding the united states has been a nation that respect all states. we reject the denigration of beliefs of others. there is no justification for this type of senseless violence, none. the world must stand together to reject these brutal acts. >> cenk: i want
. this is nothing new. no one says oh community organizer in it in the 1990s. no the banks profited more by giving out more risky loans. they got higher rates and that's why. the federal reserve says that. this is totally and utterly made up. that lawsuit that they're talking about, here is a quote about that. the final agreement settling the case did not require citibank to accept any loan applications. so even on the merits of that case they're ridiculous. finally obama was quote the very european lawyer in that case, and not visible during court proceedings. according to the committee the "chicago sun times." the idea that obama was behind it is more asinine than anything fox news has come up before, and that's quite clear. we go to tricia rose, professor, this goes to a larger theme, who they want to blame and who they tension--our attention from. >> cenk, this larger theme is so compulsive. it's worthy of a psychological designation. any time there is an opportunity to blame poor and vulnerable people they take it. in this case there is the reimagining of the history of what has been over a h
hwhas resultedulte iss super s computer in tennessee used to break encryption. >> the u.s. army is building a massive high tech facility in the utah mountains. this is it right there, in the makings. they broke ground last year and the nsa says from here, they will protect the country against kiber attacks and be able to store a universe of computer data. critics say it will be the most intrusive intelligence gathering facility on earth. >> the old soviet union would be very proud of us. that is going to cost $2 billion, it's going to be 1 million square feet, just shy of the largest in the world and it's going to use 65 megawatts of electricity. so you have a sense of that what that means? their electricity bill is going to be $40 million a year. that's how big it has to be to collect all the information on all of us. >> the man who broke the story james, great to have you here. >> thanks, chenk. >> tell us what's happening in utah when its capabilities are first. >> this would be an enormous center to store all the surveillance all the eavesdropping on email telephone calls tw
the troops unpatriotic,s think guy hates america. >> cenk: he has totally misquoted romney's position, criticized romney's position on afghanistan without realizing it. that's an interesting part. it seems that a lot of people thought the speech last night went pretty good. but i felt it was a little empty inside. i didn't get a sense there was lasting moment when people would take away and say, you know what that's why i'm going to vote for this romney guy. >> cenk, it was find fine. it was fine as you said. he talked about religion. he talked about his family. that's the theme they'll use to warp warm people to mitt romney. they still need people to warm to him. the state of the union entrance did not work. all the preambles to his speech i think it's about getting people warmed to him. i wouldn't doubt to see religion play a bigger part in his ad and the idea of his family playing a bigger part of those ads as they go forward. >> cenk: michael shure, covering the convention for us, we really appreciate it. we'll see you in north carolina when the democrats hold their convention in
bringing at attention to it that way in the 60s. now it's twitter, facebook, and it seems self promotional, but we'll see what she was saying. >> michael you are saying she brought at attention to it so it's a win. >> guilty of graffiti -- >> cenk: we all agree on that. >> it went over the sign on to the tile, but definitely -- >> i didn't like her strategy. i think it turned into a circus as opposed to talking about the issue. what did it really accomplish? people were talking about the pam gellar ads in the first place. >> you pay to put up something -- think about it -- >> cenk: i know but a court ruled on that that it was permissible first amendment -- >> lower courts than ours. >> cenk: yeah. we have a 2-1 win for mona saying she shouldn't have done it. all right. now one last quick thing for you guys. mitt romney -- buzzfeed found a tape of him from 2006. let's share it. >> romney: interestingly, sexually active teenage boys are twice as likely to be depressed and almost ten times as likely to attempt suicide than boys who wait until they are older. >
for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. ♪ >> cenk: lately fox news channel s beenoingnn old news trick, which is follow car chases. ththey got a little carried away with it today. let me show you a snipit of two of the cases. >> we have not one, but two car chases. >> thank you megan. there was a little bit of weirdness while you were watching the commercial break. we now have a live picture. look at this ding bat here has gotten off the freeway. >> cenk: my favorite part now is fox urgent! oh, my god! everybody watch this! as they continued to roll on this. the guy gets out of the car -- you are about to see that part. we cut out the middle where he committed suicide live on fox news channel. >> this makes me a little nefb nefb -- nervous. he is looking a little erratic. it is also possible he could be on something. get off. get off. get off it! get off it! >> cenk: well they screwed up the 10-second delay and did not get off of it. so he said this after the commercial break. >> we really messed up and we're all very sorry. that didn't belong on tv. we
-- president -- sorry about that "bin laden determined to strike in u.s." everybody knew this, right? it turns out it's much worse than this. the writer from new york times apparently got to look at briefings of the president before august 6. cbs news talked to him yesterday. >> this morning in the new york times, investigative reporter curt eichenwald said the write house refuse ominous warnings since may of 2001. >> i've seen the presidential daily briefs before august 6 of 2001 and they're horrific. there are reports attacks are coming, there are going to be mass casualties. >> now when we knew about the august 6 memo, it was bad enough. there was this passage: passage. tells of an unnamed c.i.a. briefer: >> so they send a guy this is not just hade, you send a guy down to the ranch you don't get it they're coming, an attack in the u.s. do you know what bush's response was? let me show it to you: >> now pause it and think about that for a second. now, if somebody gives you a daily briefing every day, do you say ok, you've covered your ass? no! if somebody has come down there and said they're
support americans and we're sorry for what happened to ambassador stevens whon s see qu ters inarrs libya is a hero. one of the issues is that our embassies are not properly protected. the state department is going to get $300 million less in 2012. states the state democratic, our embagses. the defense department by comparison gets way more than 10 times as much, $614 billion. gives you a sense of our priorities. now, meanwhile egypt it's actually a different situation and even though no one has gotten killed, that might be a tougher situation that we've got there. let's show you some of the protests there first again a report from abc news. >> protestors took to the streets of cairo again this morning. they broke through a barbed wire barricade. tensions ablaze over a trailer depicting the prophet muhammed as a womanizer and fraud. >> what president obama said to telemundo is more concerning. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy. they are a new government that is trying to find its way. they were democraty elected. we're going to have
on the outskirts of kabul, five kilometers to the u.s. embassy. they turned on police and attackic 15 officers. they were injured including the commander. they let two police cars on fire. >> cenk: meanwhile "newsweek" has a cover story with "muslim rage" on it and it shows a couple of muslims in a rage. is that the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do? when you look at the examples of the quotes you can understand why they did that cover. this is the muslim radical cleric in pakistan. he said the production crew of the film must be hanged to set an example. pakistani protesters chant o obama, we are all osama. and blasphemy is not freedom of expression and its sentence is death. that makes me want to somety. blasphemy is death. how cowardly are you that you can't even defend your ideas. the muslim men and women who support the idea that blasphemy blasphemiers deserve punishment. it's one thing to say it's all muslim. she's someone who stopped being muslim, as i did by the way and who is now atheist and i understand her point of view. to attribute that to all muslims is not correct. and
highest. >> the u.s. has one of the most uncompetitive business tax systems in the world. >> we have the second highest tax put burden on average. >> we know that america is among the highest in the world if not the highest. >> i would disagree with the idea that we want to have a corporate tax burden at all. >> what do you think the ultimate effective tax rate should be on corporations? >> zero. zero. >> i think the solution is to eliminate corporate taxes all together. >> we're not looking for corporations to get off lightly. we're looking for corporations to be taxed fairly. >> cenk: no, you're looking for them to get off lightly as in zero percent. when the corporations don't pay their taxes who will have to pay more? you and me. that's called redistribution in all the wrong ways. by the way the oil companies they re redistribute our money. they get giant sacks subsidies. since they don't pay it, we pay it. 36 top corporations in this country who paid no taxes or got a rebate every single year since 2008. those are fortune 500 companies. when they don't pay the taxes we pay the t
walled cities. who knows where the u.s. will be in 200 years. maybe those kinds of considerations will be nothing more than a triviality. >> who knows we might get wonderful walled cities to protect us from the flood. cara. >> jack, who is coming up with these technological advances, but scientists, do you think they'll just magically fall into our laps? >> i'm extrapolating. >> we're stretching reason to come up with these technological advances because we're fighting back against massive catastrophic climate change. >> doesn't it make sense you're saying we need technology if it's happening so for example switching to wind energy, solar energy would be the kind of technology i assume you're talking about. are you in favor of subs dieing those industries so we can get beyond facile fuels? >> well, we r. we've done that. we've subsidized them for 30 years, nothing's worked. the government has dumped money into wind and solar and boston are massive failures. maybe i didn't say it very well. what i'm talking about is our capacity to deal -- i'm not talking about energy, i'm talking
many people does that apply to? 89 million people in the country. 36% of the u.s. population will not be covered if they have a pre-existing condition under romney's plan. don't let all this flip flopping distract you. that's the reality. he ain't covering pre-existing conditions. other than what is already in the law not even part of the so-called obama-care. these are epic issues. does anybody know who we would need to cover issues like this? [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: why michael it's good to have you back in the studio. >> good to be back with you cenk. first, before we go on to other news, it looks like the democratic convention worked, and right out of the gate, by the way the romney campaign back to flubberring and blubbering. >> that's what they did in tampa. yes, the democratic convention worked. you knew it was going to work while you were there while you watched it. it was a very different building, as we talked abouted a nausea than the building in tampa. you had a feeling that it would carry to some degree. it carried to a tremendous degree. i think the republica
on u.s. citizens. i know it's uncomfortable but it's true. no due process. we've executed three american citizens abroad without a trial. that is outrageous. that is a dumb drone strike. john brennan: >> in other words oh, civilian, almost never. really? n.y.u. and stanford did a study and found that in fact 884 civilians have been killed, just in northwest pakistan alone, including 176 children. this doesn't help the united states of america. it hurts our cause. now, the researchers went on the record and talked about what they found out, some amazing things. let's go to the first clip. >> one of the things we found is there are entire communities who live in areas where drones are flying overhead 24 hours a day seven days a week at times. and these people don't know when those drones will strike. they don't know who they will strike. the result is symptoms of psychological disorder, of trauma of severe anxiety and of dysfunction at. we heard stories of people who won't leave their houses. >> how would you feel if there was a drone over your head at all times and you never knew
and they moved to the u.s. and when they did they took welfare. does he feel the same way if this helped me and my family get on our feet, we should do that for others. no he wants to shred that social safety net. that's not right. as they're campaigning president obama's obviously trying to focus on that, but he had a funny kind of slip up here. watch this as he's speaking at kent state. >> the first thing is i want to see us export more jobs -- export more products. excuse me. [ laughter ] >> i was -- i was channeling my opponent there for a second. >> see that's how you recover from a gaffe or a flub. mitt romney can learn a thing or two about that. he turned it right around. in reality, of course, he's exactly right. being capitalist, exports jobs abroad bragging about it. now we've got an old tape found from 1985 where he's talking about what bain is really about. check this out and see what he says. >> bain capital is an investmentner ship formed to invest in startup companies and ongoing companies then to take an active hand in managing them and five or eight years later to harvest t
. it should be perfectly fine thing to do, not only in the u.s. but how little do you believe in your religion if a movie sends you into a fit--oh my god you have offended me. so what! if you're so right you are going to heaven, and this guy is going to hell. what difference does it make. but that being said, they're not trying to make an intellectual argument. they're trying to stir up a hornet's nest. sam bacile identifies himself as an israeli israeli-jew and then he says he's jewish who is familiar with the area. there is an excellent chance that his name is not sam bacile, and he's not jewish, let alone israeli. he says that he has family in egypt and is worried about their safety. i think he's full of it in every way. about the movie. he said it cost $5 million. and he raised it from 100 jewish donors. first of all if they paid $5 million boy did they not get their money's worth. that was only against the green screens. that cost about $50. second of all, who who is jewish and says i raised it from 100 jewish donors. and ten steve klein jumps in. who is steve klein. he describes himself
said, i could execute u.s. citizens abroad without a trial. warrantless wiretapping he continued the program of george w. about you can. bush, and what made it worse the u.s. citizens can be arrested under of guile of trial. >> you can't gloss over for what he has done for civil rights. >> cenk: what did he do for civil rights? >> littlery ledbetter. that's civil rights. the matthew shepherd james byrd hate crime legislation. that's civil rights. coming out for gay marriage, that's civil rights. >> cenk: no, no, when asked are you going to do anything about it? i'm not going to to do anything. >> rhetoric always leads to policy when it's framed like that. >> cenk: i got to wrap up. just final word here. number one i'm not going to say that president obama never is it anything right. but the mixed bag you want to see that. lily ledbetter these are good things. you are wrong on civil liberties. he has not been at all better than bush, and he legit myselfs it by saying its democrat. everyone stand down. it's not just civil liberties and strikes. by the way, it's taking the right win
. then bundles and greenbacks tossed from the back seat of that s.u.v. that's cash thrown from the moving vehicle. >> local news had a field day with this. this is fun. let's see the reaction of the locals here. >> that was some robinhood man take from the rich and get to the poor. >> we rushed and got money. >> i wish i would have been able to find that money. >> we need the money because i'm broke. >> we want money! >> you saw the money being thrown out and grabbed some of it. >> we just screamed at them hey throw some over here. he said all right, just reached out and throw money. it was man. >> what did you do? >> ran and take the money. >> how much did you pick up? >> 20 bucks. >> dude, don't admit that on air. fox news was covering this. when the guy got stopped the crowd started applauding. they go i wonder if they're applauding the cops. they're not applauding the cops. are they more guilty for throwing out the money and possibly causing people to get in the streets or maybe get hurt or less guilty because they shared? >> i don't think it changes their guilty, but they did the right thing
% production in europe and 1.3% reduction in u.s. of our bacon. our bacon. climate change! don't do it to him! oh, there it is! the oil companies ruining our bacon! and oil subsidies are always involved, but poor harvest is a huge part of the reason why. overall gdp we are losing. in 2011 we lost 1.6% of gdp because of climate change. and up to 10% will be lost by 2100. that is devastating. so in the middle of the ring unfortunately is the earth. no, don't do it, oil companies! what are you doing? it isn't right. let's fight climate change so we can keep our bacon. keep your priorities straight. that's our show. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> eliot: good evening. i'm eliot spitzer and this is "viewpoint." president obama continues to gain in the polls, nationally and in the key swing states while surrogates for both candidates try to lower expectations for next week's debates. the national numbers first.
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